We Got a Face-lift!

My passion for cake decorating started about 13 years ago (now I'm dating myself!).  Of those 13 years,  the last 7 have been spent as Creatively Cake'd. But when thinking back to my original ideas and how far I've come as a cake decorator, it feels like an eternity.

When I started Creatively Cake'd, I was just getting to the point where I wanted to start selling my cakes...mostly to just friends and family.  I was asked many times to make special cakes for their children's birthday's, and created some of my own creative pieces.  When I thought of a name, I just thought..I take sugar and flour, and I turn it into art, I make creative cakes...and Creatively Cake'd was born...

7 years of honing my skills is a long time.  In those 7 years, I've been home raising my 3 awesome kids (if I do say so myself!), and this September, my youngest started JK (tissues, anyone?), and I started thinking about where I see myself going...do I want to go back to work? do I want to keep up with Creatively Cake'd? There really wasn't ever a debate, my love is in cake.

What about cake do I love? Well, I love buttercream, and I love sugar flowers.  I love creating beautiful life-like pieces of art that look real, on a cake that tastes and looks delicious.  I love perfection.  Straight lines, perfectly level (yes, I actually use a level!) perfectly smooth perfection.  Who else loves perfection? Brides! (and some grooms too!).  I just love the perfection and designing involved with wedding cakes.  I discussed with my husband how to accomplish this...how do I appeal to the wedding market?  How do I show my passion of wedding cakes through Creatively Cake'd? Maybe it's time for a change of direction, I thought.  Do what you love, and everyone else will follow, is the advice my husband gave me...He very possibly just wanted me to stop talking about cake, but I love him, and I took his advice, and will probably never stop talking about cake!

I went to bed that night after pondering this change, and was awakened at 3am with this wonderful idea (seriously 3am, I think I suffer from a slight case of OCD, it's my dads fault 🙂 The idea of changing my name was solidified, the ideas for my business, trade show booth and even my logo all were made clear.  At 7am, I bought my domain, and by 9am, I had submitted my logo idea to the designer.  I have never been more excited, or more clear on anything in my life, well maybe choosing my awesome husband (Bless your heart Dave), and having my 3 amazing kids...but next to that, this takes the cake! (pun intended!)

I needed a change, not a huge change, but I needed a business face-lift.  I needed marketable business ideas.  I needed to pick-up my big girl pants, and say "Cake world, I am here!" and this was it!

I am totally stoked to share all of my ideas with you as they unroll. This new name, web site and logo is just the beginning, and I'm so happy that you have decided to join me on this new adventure!

I am truly grateful for the many people who have supported me throughout my journey.  I have enjoyed creating every piece I've ever done.  I've learned a ton, and all of your help and encouragement have gotten me to a point where I am proud to show my work. Thank you all for this!



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