Stephen and Sarah

I love the work and creativity that is involved in every wedding cake that I create...But I especially loved creating this cake because I love the couple I created it for.

Sarah and I go waaay back. I remember when I was 4 years old being disappointed that our trip to Swiss Chalet to celebrate my uncle Mike's birthday was cut short on account of Sarah deciding that would be a good time to say hello to the world.  I quickly changed my disappointment to excitement when I realized how cute she was, and how much fun she was to take care of.  I remember trying to convince my aunt Cathy to let me babysit and take care of her...and she let me, with much assistance 🙂

When Sarah met Steve, I knew she had met the man of her dreams, and I was truly honored when she asked my family to help them celebrate this occasion. My 4 year old son, Bennett, was their ring bearer, my husband, Dave, was their master of Ceremonies, and I was asked to create the wedding cake.

When designing a wedding cake I like to use all of the design aspects of the day to help with my inspiration.  When I received my wedding invitation in the mail, I was super excited to have such a beautiful design from which to work.  Red Bicycle Paper Co. in Cambridge, ON does amazing work, and this invitation did not disappoint!  

I always design my cakes on paper first.  I’m not an expert at drawing, but this allows me to ensure that I am on the same page as the wedding couple when discussing the design.  Sarah had sent me a beautiful white wedding cake as inspiration she had found while perusing the internet.  The cake was truly beautiful, but I knew it needed a few tweaks to make the cake their own.  I added some colour by incorporating the champagne colour of her envelopes and table decor in the fondant swags on the bottom tier, and as well with the large fondant bow wrapping around the top tier.  I also added a more dramatic splash of colour with the addition of a sugar rose bouquet as a topper, and matching rose buds at the top of each swag.

Now that the design had been made, it was time to execute! I started by creating 27 sugar roses, buds and greenery.  This process is by far the most time consuming.  I spent approximately 15 hours, hand making each delicate flower.  From cutting to wiring, to veining each individual petal, precisely adding it to a small bud, allowing it to dry, then painting each flower and adding a calyx.  After each rose was created, I arranged them on their own cake board to be used as a topper the bride could keep.  The buds were gathered in groups of three, and were then dipped in chocolate to allow the wires to be inserted into the bottom tier.

I then created the wood cake board.  In my opinion, a decorated cake board takes your cake to a whole new level!  I created this faux wood board out of fondant, I cut wood planks, added some wood grain and screws, then I made a homemade brown wood stain, added a sparkly ribbon to the outside and allowed it to dry.

Then came time to assemble the cake.  This cake served 134 people.  The top and bottom tier were a rich chocolate cake paired with a delicious chocolate ganache.  Ganache is chocolate melted with whipping cream to give you a mouth-watering chocolate truffle, similar to the inside of a Lindor...yummy!  The outside of these cakes were covered in white chocolate ganache, to ensure you wouldn’t see the chocolate through the final fondant covering.  The middle tiers were a lemon cake perfectly paired with a light strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream, and then covered in vanilla buttercream for it’s white colour.  Once each cake was perfectly smooth (Thanks to my cake acrylics by CakeSafe!) and level (yes, I actually use a level!), it was ready for a thin layer of fondant.

After the fondant was applied, I added the pearl lattice design to the second tier and the fondant swags to the bottom tier as well as the sparkly ribbons.

This cake was too heavy to actually be able to lift heavy!  I stacked the bottom two tiers separate from the top two tiers for transport, and even then I needed help carrying them!

Once arriving at the hall I stacked the cakes, added the beautiful bouquet to the top (I always take every flower separate, in fear of a bump in the road causing one to break, or fall off...I would totally cry!), added the big bow to the top tier, and inserted each of the buds along the swags in the bottom tier.

Once it was fully assembled a breathed a huge sigh of matter how many cakes you make, it’s still nerve wracking...I strive for such perfection, that my mind is not at ease until the cake is in place, and each detail is exactly as I imagined it to be.  This cake, in my mind, and I hope you’ll agree, was perfectly executed, and turned out even better than I ever could have imagined!

Congratulations Steve and Sarah! Wishing you both many years of happily wedded bliss!  




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