Is there a minimum order?

Yes. There is a minimum order of $500.

Do you make birthday and celebration cakes

Unfortunately, we do not make birthday or celebration cakes. We have decided to focus solely on wedding and related cakes and cupcakes.

How far in advance should I book my order?

To ensure your date is available, book as far in advance as you can!  wedding orders usually need to be booked about 6-8 months in advance…we can only make so many cakes in a week, and our time is often booked up quickly, especially during our busy season (May-Oct) However, we will take last minute orders, if we're available, up to two weeks ahead.

Where is your shop located?

We are located in Ayr, Ontario.  The cakes we make are custom, made-to-order cakes only, we do not have a store front or ready-made desserts.

How many servings of cake or cupcakes should I order?

The answer depends on a few factors.  Are you serving your cake plated to each guest following dinner? Are you serving your cake at a late night buffet with other desserts or hors d'oeuvres? Are you wanting to save, or serve your top tier?

If your cake will be plated, I suggest ordering at least as many servings as you have guests.  If your cake will be served at a late night buffet, and a dessert is included with dinner, you only need to order enough cake for about half of the number of guests.  Cake cups are the exception...because they're small, and delicious, some guests will have a couple...if you are wanting them to only eat one, then I suggest only ordering 1 or 2 flavours...the more options you give them, the more you'll need to order...they're so yummy!

Is your kitchen inspected by public health?

The cake studio is located in the basement of our home.  We have a walk out basement, and the studio has a completely separate entrance.  The kitchen is inspected by the Kitchener-Waterloo Region department of public health.  For yours and our safety, our kitchen and our products are also fully insured.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Wedding cakes are often assembled on site and require delivery, there is a $40 delivery and set-up fee for wedding cakes delivered in Ayr, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Paris and Brantford. We will deliver wedding and large celebration cakes a farther distance (Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown, Ancaster, Woodstock etc.) for a fee of $1/km one way.

How should I store my cake?

All of our cakes should be served at room temperature, but stored in the fridge, with the exception of gumpaste designs (Sugar flowers) and handpainted cakes. Just take your cake out of the fridge several hours before serving, enjoy and refrigerate any left overs.  If your cake is an exception, we will give you guidelines to follow.

My wedding/event is outside what do you suggest?

Because most of our icings and fillings are made with butter, they will melt at the same temperature as butter.  If your event is in the spring or fall where the temperature is not too hot, I would recommend covering and filling your cake with chocolate ganache (this can easily go under fondant!) and keeping your cake in the shade.  If your event is in the heat of summer, your confectionary masterpiece will melt into a pile of goo…my suggestion would be to either find a spot indoors with A/C where you can display your cake, or have your cake made and decorated out of Styrofoam, and serving sheet cakes that can be refrigerated.

What is the process of ordering a wedding cake?

First, contact us to see if we have the date available.  If we are available, we will ask you all of the details of your event, if you have any ideas on the design you would like incorporated, your colours, theme, flowers etc.  After we have designed a cake for you that you are 110% satisfied with, we will ask for a 25% deposit to hold your date.  The remaining 75% will be due 14 days prior to your event.  If you know that you would like to book Stacked for your wedding cake, but are booking far in advance, and aren't sure of, or ready to create a design, a non-refundable deposit of $100 will hold your date, and would be credited to your final design once the decision is made.

Do you offer wedding cake tastings?

We offer a complimentary selection of our most popular flavours to take-home.  Many of our couples have stated how much they enjoyed this as a cake tasting "date night". Tastings are offered seasonally to orders that have received a deposit.

Do you offer gluten-free/nut-free/dairy free/egg free cakes?

We do have chocolate, vanilla, lemon and coconut gluten-free options for cake.  Our fillings and buttercreams are naturally gluten-free.  However, our kitchen is definitely not gluten-free…flour is our most used ingredient.  We will do our very best to avoid it, but if your allergy is severe, we cannot make any guarantees.

Our daughter has a severe nut allergy, and nuts and nut products are not used in our kitchen.  However, some ingredients we use regularly have the disclaimer "processed in a facility that also processes peanuts and other nuts"...these products can be avoided, and nut-free products can be used instead, if you let us know... We cannot make guarantees on ANY ingredient, however, if you have a severe allergy to nuts or other products please let us know and we can do our very best to avoid it.

Unfortunately, dairy and eggs are used in every recipe we have, and they cannot be avoided.

Do you rent cupcake stands?

We do have 2 cupcake stands available to rent.  We have 1 white cupcake stand, which is wide and has 4 tiers. It holds approx 200 cake cups and 100 cupcakes. You can also add a coordinating ribbon on the side of each tier.  The top tier of this stand is wider (14" dia) and can hold a single tier cake, or a larger 2 tier cake for cutting.

We also have a taller, 8 tier clear acrylic stand. The acrylic stand holds approx 150 cupcakes.

We charge $50 to rent these stands, which includes pick-up of the stand the morning following your wedding, if your venue permits. Alternatively, if you decide to return the stand yourself by the Tuesday following your wedding, we will turn that fee into a deposit, and return it to you upon the return of the stand.

Both stands are pictured below.

This is our white stand

to give you an idea, this was a 10" and 8" cake, and 60 cupcakes are on the stand.

This is our clear, acrylic stand

This is a 6" cake and 150 Cupcakes.

What’s your return policy?

If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your cake a full refund will be given upon the return of the cake.