5 Tips on How to Save $$$ on your Wedding Cake

Some couples like to splurge and hold nothing back when it comes to cake design, and some would like to have a beautiful dessert without breaking the bank...

Here are 5 tips on how to make your wedding cake budget-friendly:

1.Opt for buttercream instead of fondant.  Fondant must be placed on top of a completely covered buttercream or ganache covered cake.  It is not used instead of buttercream, but as well as...making it an added expense.  Fondant is not cheap, it is an expensive ingredient to use.  Most cake decorators charge extra to add fondant to your design.  Skip it and save some $$$.




2.  When it comes to decorating choose the most bang for your buck! Instead of ordering a cascade of sugar flowers, think about using a large statement flower instead...while the larger, more intricate flowers may be more expensive, they can be used on their own...and one $30 flower is much more cost-effective than fifty $5 flowers.


3.   Ask your cake designer for some help deciding which designs are the least time-consuming.  Decorating is often charged by the cake decorator based on the time it takes to create each design.  While it may be hard for the untrained eye to know which designs take the longest, your decorator should be able to help you find a design that is beautiful, and doesn’t take hours (aka money!) to create.  While intricate piping may take several hours, adding a water colour effect, or marble design, is a quick add-on and may save them time, and you money.                                                                                                                               

4.    Think about when you are going to serve your cake, and only order the amount that will actually be eaten.  If your cake will be plated and served as dessert, there should be enough for everybody to have a piece.  If it will be cut and served later in the evening, and dessert was included with dinner, you only need to order enough cake for about half.  If it will be served with other desserts, you can order even less.


5.    Opt for cupcakes or other small desserts and just order a small cake for cake cutting.  At Stacked we also offer cake cups...a small bite sized piece of cake in an elegant little cup, complete with a small fork or spoon.  The price per serving is often less and when serving these types of desserts, you save the cake-cutting fee that some venues charge for them to cut and serve your wedding cake.



Whether you’re on a budget, or are looking to splurge Stacked has you covered! Contact us for a free quote, or for more information.  We’d love to hear from you!





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